Where do I begin?

IMG_3553Take a good look at my face. Kinda ugly! But if you look real close you will see I am just a few lines and shapes but together they make me an awesome cat. You don’t have to be an artist to have fun creating different images. A good app to start with is sketchbook express. #1 reason it is free and #2 it works on both iPad and Android. Check out my mouth.  Don’t you think Tish could have put a smile on my face.

I know its not Tuesday but an artist doesn’t care what day it is. I think we need to start at the very beginning with some easy tricks that will have you drawing in no time. Draw some lines,  make a few shapes, put them together and watch what can happen. In the meantime download Sketchbook Express, and we’ll go from there.


Art Resources are Everywhere

IMG_5276Art is all around us. Everywhere we look there is something unique and fascinating. I was so intrigued by the variations in this tree trunk. It looked like it was woven by an ancient tribe. The combination of textures layered on top of each other growing out of the ground, The contrast of the strong and the delicate, pushing the tree toward the sky. I am not sure how I am going to paint this but it is on my to paint list. Of course there are a lot of other images on my to paint list too. So easy to use your phone when you see something that speaks to you. Just click and you have a photo. It goes into your photo stream and comes up on your ipad. You don’t even need to get your photos developed.

Kids Turn – Draw Free

Draw Free is a children’s app that I downloaded a while ago for my grandkids. It has paint cans that fill shapes, brushes that paint, crayons that color, and pencils that draw.IMG_3519

My Grandkid’s were only 3 and 4 when I downloaded this app and they were more fascinated by the stickers. There are sounds that match the stickers and the stickers can be moved and resized to compose some very imaginative images. One of the crazy things is if you already have the app, when you go to the app store it will just say “get” meaning you have already purchased the app. There is no price either, I think it was free. Why else would they call it Draw FREE. If you search on a mobile device or computer that is not compatible the app doesn’t show up either, so I hope it is still available because we have had lots of fun with it. Its a great way to learn how to compose pictures and resize images in addition to drawing.


A Variety of Brush Shapes


Sometimes we just want to play. Brushes Redux has so many shaped brushes to choose from. Every brush can be edited and resized. You learn so much by just exploring and trying new things. Although Brushes is a painting program it seemed more like scrapbooking and paper craft when I created this picture. You can go around the edges and cut out shapes with the eraser tool. You can print designs over a color with a swirl brush like the pattern in this picture. I always think that the best way to learn and master an app is by exploring how each feature works.

Volunteering Pays More than a CEO can Earn

Volunteering really pays off big time. Today my first grandson had his graduation from kindergarten. I have been volunteering at his school, one morning a week, helping his classmates with reading. It wIMG_3493as a great experience for me seeing 5 & 6 year old children light up when they realized the relationship of letters and words. That moment when everything falls into place and they know they are reading words. But today I had the greatest moment, when my grandson’s teacher was thanking her volunteers. When she thanked me my little grandson stood up and started saying “Go Grandmom, go Grandmom,” and the other children joined him, shouting “Go Grandmom”.  My heart was full. Volunteering is priceless.  Share your talents and volunteer

Kids Turn on the iPad

Grandkids always want to play on the iPad.  I prefer for them to play with creative apps.

IMG_3485Koko is 4 and she loves to make faces both on and off the iPad. In “Faces I Make” Koko selects and moves objects forming images. Koko can save her images and send them to her Mom at work. After she finishes we find objects around the house that she can use to make funny faces. She is learning how to rotate, move and resize shapes to form an image, but most of all she is learning to use her imagination.

“The Faces I Make” is a great way to introduce making collages with everyday objects. It is also fun for big kids like Grandmom. Every time you move  or change the objects the funny face gets funnier 

The app comes with tutorials and demos on how to arrange the shapes. To learn more about  Hanoch Piven and his award winning app “Faces I Make”  


What do you do with an iPad Painting

blue lagoon left jpegblue lagoon.right JPG

When you paint with apps at first you will wonder how do you get a tangible, flesh and blood painting that you can hold in your hands. You sometimes feel like you have nothing real. If you are a traditional artist you will think, “How do I show my work? Where & how do I print it? How do I frame it?”

Your painting is very real and can be shared and seen by everyone before it leaves the screen. Social Media can expose your art to more people than you ever imagined. The beauty is you don’t even need to buy expensive frames to show your art.

But we all know sometimes we just need to see it off the screen to know it is real. I must confess, I was one of those people. I have a Canon Pixma that prints on Photo Paper up to 19X13. The quality is very professional. The “Blue Lagoon” dyptic is one of my early digital paintings & the first digital painting I had printed on infused metal.

“Brushes Redux” Draws Slinkys

Brushes is an app that allows you to create & paint all different types of strokes. Its like getting the huge box of crayola crayons on Christmas. My Brushes were acting a little crazy after I upgraded my app, I was so disappointed thIMG_3477at I had lost so many features. I found out I just needed to go to my App Store and search for Brushes redux. If you already purchased Brushes it will say get.

Click and download it. Now you have the brushes you loved.

This brush painted strokes that looked like slinkys. All I could picture was a skirt made of Slinkys. I wonder what it will do when she walks down the steps.

H2O color Monday

Watercolor Mondays are a great way to begin the week. Its hard to believe that Auryn ink and the iPad can help you create such vibrant colors. It is translucent and maintainsIMG_1822 this quality when it is printed on photo paper. The transparency is created by drying and glazing just like real watercolors.

Painting on my ipad is like having a colorful etch-a-sketch. I can explore and play with the brushes and colors, I can delete and start over or maybe something real exciting happens and then I can save it, edit it, share it, print it, or even put it on cards, mugs, pillows and shirts right from my iPad.

Fuzzy Fridays

IMG_3451No matter what you want to draw there is an easy and inexpensive app out there for you. Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things on tablets and iPads. I’m a little fuzzy today & don’t remember but think this was done in Sketchbook Express, which is FREE!!!!!!!!

The Captions are done in a neat little app called Type Drawing. I think its a couple of dollars -like $1.99 but don’t quote me . Its Friday. My friend Linnie got me hooked on painting fuzzy cats and dogs on the iPad. Its a lot more fun than angry birds.