What do you do with an iPad Painting

blue lagoon left jpegblue lagoon.right JPG

When you paint with apps at first you will wonder how do you get a tangible, flesh and blood painting that you can hold in your hands. You sometimes feel like you have nothing real. If you are a traditional artist you will think, “How do I show my work? Where & how do I print it? How do I frame it?”

Your painting is very real and can be shared and seen by everyone before it leaves the screen. Social Media can expose your art to more people than you ever imagined. The beauty is you don’t even need to buy expensive frames to show your art.

But we all know sometimes we just need to see it off the screen to know it is real. I must confess, I was one of those people. I have a Canon Pixma that prints on Photo Paper up to 19X13. The quality is very professional. The “Blue Lagoon” dyptic is one of my early digital paintings & the first digital painting I had printed on infused metal.

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