Sketchbook Express Tool Bar cont.

IMG_3560Now that you understand the brush choices you can click the next icon and choose curved line, straight line, rectangles or circles. Play with the lines and shapes. Then choose different brushes and experiment. Just PLAY, PLAY, PLAY and you will LEARN, LEARN, LEARN. It’s that easy.

Now for my best trick ever – Go to the toolbar

The icon next to the curvy line creates a mirror image from the center of the page. As you draw on one side of the vase the app takes care of the other side.


Doesn’t matter if I do anything wrong because that arrow in the toolbar pointing left is the big UNDO .  And if that isn’t enough or you want to start all over click on  the  +  a box will come up with “don’t save” or “save.” Choose either & you will get a clear screen. Remember to choose save if you want to keep something you drew. It will be kept in the gallery.

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