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These 3 paintings show how something started in Auryn Ink evolved into my favorite iPad painting. The Auryn App helped me achieve effects & areas I loved but there was no personal connection in the painting. I had nothing to risk by seeing what would happen if I changed the color & saturation. By saving the image to photos and importing into Brushes, I was able to play with color & saturation. The best part is that the translucence I achieved in Auryn wasn’t lost when I played with the color in Brushes or when I saved it to photos. I continued to push the image further. I added the texture in a photo editing app called snapseed. A nostalgic feeling began to evolve & the flowers reminded me of when my father was a single young man. He had a serious motorcycle accident and was near death. His older sister, thinking he was dying, sent him flowers & signed my mother’s name. When he got out of the hospital he visited my mother to thank her for the flowers. She knew nothing about the flowers but knew he was recovering from an awful accident. She graciously said “You’re welcome John” & that is how their romance started. I had some handwritten letters my Father wrote to my Mother after they started dating. I was able to scan his letter & fade it into the painting. The iPad painting began to take on the same human connection that I have when I use real paint & brushes. I called it “Fading Memories.”

My mother would have been 100 this June. Ironically a handwritten love letter will soon be a forgotten memory because of mobile devices like my iPad.

Tish Brennan
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