My First Auryn Ink Painting


After messing around for a while I decided it was time to get more serious and see how far the blending of color could go in Auryn Ink. I loved the beautiful effects of the colors blending but I didn’t feel I had the same control that I had in traditional painting. Although there was only one undo, I soon realized that I had 2 safety nets – an eraser and a fixed layer. With the eraser I could define areas and shapes that I really liked while removing areas that I didn’t like. The eraser created crisp edges, which were a great contrast to the soft blending of the paint. I wanted to try something different but didn’t want to wreck what I had already done. I needed to be able to undo more than one stroke if I didn’t like the effect. By fixing the painting on the fixed layer, I was able to continue working on the wet and dry layers, while preserving what I already painted. When I hate how it turns out I clear the wet and dry layers without losing the fixed layer. If I love the effect I fix the painting and continue painting on the wet and dry layers. Basically, what I am doing is using my fixed layer as a saved layer. I also save to the photo album at different stages of a painting.

A word of warning about that eraser that we all love, it goes through everything including your fixed layer. Get in the habit of turning it off, otherwise you tend to develop a vocabulary you don’t want anyone to hear. This is a good reason to save to your photo album as you paint.

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