Glazing Makes Colors Glow


Glazing in watercolor is a method that makes your colors glow. It is achieved by working series of colored washes. The paper is dried, rewet with water, painted with washes and re-dried, and you continue to build up layers of colors without getting muddy. Because watercolor is transparent the dry colors will show through but will not blend with the new washes. Wet Paint only mixes with wet paint, if your paper is not dry it may dull the colors that are still wet.

Spheres at MacArthur Park

IMG_5973 IMG_5980 IMG_6086

Spheres at MacArthur Park is the largest Public Art Project in the U.S. The large balls were painted by more than 10,000 children and adults. Its such a beautiful and happy way to end the summer. Thanks to the Brothers Ed and Bernie Massey and Portraits of Hope for this amazing gift of floating paintings. 

Playing with Pixelmater




I didn’t realize that there was an app for pixelmater on my iPad. I have used it on my MAC, but love having it on my iPad even more. Fun on a Fuzzy Friday. Just take any painting or photo and play with the effects and distorts. Its like having the ultimate “etch-n-sketch”. Maybe you are not old enough to remember those. Its an ever evolving image.