Notes from “Artist & Techie” Demo

Thanks to everyone who attended our demo on Auryn Ink today. Here are a few notes on what we covered today.

Special thanks to Umesh Shulka, who gave the history of the development of Auryn Ink and an introduction to the app. Umesh explained how to use the tool bars, brushes and sliders and showed the effects of simulating watercolor as seen in animation paintings.
Tish explained how Auryn could help you as a traditional artist and how to use the app to refine your traditional art.

The most unique feature of Auryn Ink is the way the layers react and simulate real watercolor techniques. Here are a few notes to help you understand how the layers in Auryn interact with each other.
Basic Rules of Watercolor

  Traditional Watercolor

  1. Wet paint on wet paper will bleed, run, mix and lift. it will continue to do these things as long as the area is wet.
    Dry paint can be rewet, & painted over with other colors without lifting or effecting  the dry color.
  2. imagine your paint and water floating over the paper as a layer and consider it the wet layer.
  3. Think of the water and pigment seeping down into the sheet of watercolor paper and gradually drying into the sheet of paper. The dry paper is your dry layer.
  4. As long as there is some water, the paint and pigment are reacting with each other as they move from liquid to dry paint on the paper.

Auryn Ink

1. the wet layer is where the pigment is still reacting. It’s the water & paint floating on top of the paper. This paint will bleed, blend and lift. While you are working on your painting, gradually the paint begins to dry & set in the paper. Once it is dry nothing is left on the wet layer, it has dried to the dry layer. To stop bleeding at anytime while you are painting you can tap the hair dryer icon to dry everything on the wet layer.

2.The dry layer is just that – the paint is dry, it will not lift or bleed. When you continue applying paint on the wet layer, the dry layer shows through and the color on the wet layer overlays the color on the dry layer forming a new color.  This is what makes watercolor glow. It is also what can dull or muddy your colors.

3.The fixed layer is the layer where you import your photo, it does not react with the paint you apply, however because the watercolor is transparent, the color of the photo will show through the lighter areas of the painting. The fixed layer is also a great place for keeping a working sketch. If you fix your sketch before you begin your painting, you have the option of being able to keep or delete the sketch from the finished painting. A sketch on the fixed layer is visible through all layers but can be erased in Layers by deleting only the fixed layer. Your painting will remain on the wet and dry layers.

Starting a Painting

When you open Auryn ink, you can tap on the + tool located in the left center of the bar to open a blank sheet.
You have 3 options
1. Start painting on the sheet, you can just paint spontaneously without any sketch.
2. Draw a sketch & fix your sketch by tapping on the fix icon ( looks like a spray can of fixative)
3. Import photo by tapping on the third icon from the left on tool bar & select a photo from any of your photo albums. This is if you want to trace an image or mark off areas of a photo for a rough sketch.  You can remove photo, after you make the sketch, by tapping on layers & locating the fixed layer, check to see by closing eye icon, open eye and tap eraser to remove photo. Move your sketch to the fixed layer by tapping on the fixative can on the top tool bar.

You can also do a pencil sketch, take a photo of your sketch and import picture of the sketch. if it is a photo it will be on the fixed layer.

Need HELP!!!!

In the app tap the ? And the hand will give you a short tutorial.  The unhappy face will give you an email directly to Auryn Ink.

Auryn Website is     The website has videos that will show you how to use features & tools in the app.
Umesh’s e-mail is
you can contact me through my website.

Umesh has been a wonderful support and is interested in hearing from artists and working to have the app meet our needs. if you are working with Auryn Ink send your paintings by going to the toolbar and tap on the second icon square with arrow pointing upward and choose e-mail and send to

The best advice I can give anyone who is new to ipad art is “Dive in, explore all the brushes, play, have fun & see what develops.” if you haven’t already, open a tumblr account so you can share your paintings.

I would love to see what you are doing on the iPad.


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