My name is Tish Brennan & I live in Newbury Park, CA. Watercolor has always been my medium of choice but recently I have been exploring painting on my iPad.

IMG_1845Painting with my finger, watching the colors blend & flow as they float across the screen is  fascinating.  Who would ever imagine that this process would become possible on on a computer let alone on an iPad. Creativity is at our fingertip & at  such an affordable cost.  So many possibilities that were never even thought of are now here for everyone to use & explore.  Now we can paint anywhere as long as our batteries are charged. You don’t even need wifi, except to share & download your apps & images. No Paint, No Mess, No Cleanup,  No Excuses 

 I am hoping that through this website I can share what I have learned and help others step into the world of art on an iPad. I also want to share what you are doing with art on your iPads, so please let me know.

You can also find my art on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tishbrennanipadart

 and you can follow me on Tumbir as appyartist