Spheres at MacArthur Park

IMG_5973 IMG_5980 IMG_6086

Spheres at MacArthur Park is the largest Public Art Project in the U.S. The large balls were painted by more than 10,000 children and adults. Its such a beautiful and happy way to end the summer. Thanks to the Brothers Ed and Bernie Massey and Portraits of Hope for this amazing gift of floating paintings. http://www.portraitsofhope.org/projects/spheres/ 

Playing with Pixelmater




I didn’t realize that there was an app for pixelmater on my iPad. I have used it on my MAC, but love having it on my iPad even more. Fun on a Fuzzy Friday. Just take any painting or photo and play with the effects and distorts. Its like having the ultimate “etch-n-sketch”. Maybe you are not old enough to remember those. Its an ever evolving image.

Sometimes a Picture Paints Itself



Sometimes a picture paints itself. Last weekend we were in the CA central coast,  celebrating a friends 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was at Avila Beach which is such a beautiful area near the Central Coast Wineries. We visited the Kelsey Canyon Winery because I wanted to see the peacocks, which are so beautiful. At the winery there is a small vineyard with beautiful grapes where you can get up close and really enjoy how beautiful they are. I wanted to see how Auryn Ink could help me capture the beauty of the grapes.


Volunteering Pays More than a CEO can Earn

Volunteering really pays off big time. Today my first grandson had his graduation from kindergarten. I have been volunteering at his school, one morning a week, helping his classmates with reading. It wIMG_3493as a great experience for me seeing 5 & 6 year old children light up when they realized the relationship of letters and words. That moment when everything falls into place and they know they are reading words. But today I had the greatest moment, when my grandson’s teacher was thanking her volunteers. When she thanked me my little grandson stood up and started saying “Go Grandmom, go Grandmom,” and the other children joined him, shouting “Go Grandmom”.  My heart was full. Volunteering is priceless.  Share your talents and volunteer

Fuzzy Fridays

IMG_3451No matter what you want to draw there is an easy and inexpensive app out there for you. Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things on tablets and iPads. I’m a little fuzzy today & don’t remember but think this was done in Sketchbook Express, which is FREE!!!!!!!!

The Captions are done in a neat little app called Type Drawing. I think its a couple of dollars -like $1.99 but don’t quote me . Its Friday. My friend Linnie got me hooked on painting fuzzy cats and dogs on the iPad. Its a lot more fun than angry birds.