Kids Turn – Draw Free

Draw Free is a children’s app that I downloaded a while ago for my grandkids. It has paint cans that fill shapes, brushes that paint, crayons that color, and pencils that draw.IMG_3519

My Grandkid’s were only 3 and 4 when I downloaded this app and they were more fascinated by the stickers. There are sounds that match the stickers and the stickers can be moved and resized to compose some very imaginative images. One of the crazy things is if you already have the app, when you go to the app store it will just say “get” meaning you have already purchased the app. There is no price either, I think it was free. Why else would they call it Draw FREE. If you search on a mobile device or computer that is not compatible the app doesn’t show up either, so I hope it is still available because we have had lots of fun with it. Its a great way to learn how to compose pictures and resize images in addition to drawing.

Kids Turn on the iPad

Grandkids always want to play on the iPad.  I prefer for them to play with creative apps.

IMG_3485Koko is 4 and she loves to make faces both on and off the iPad. In “Faces I Make” Koko selects and moves objects forming images. Koko can save her images and send them to her Mom at work. After she finishes we find objects around the house that she can use to make funny faces. She is learning how to rotate, move and resize shapes to form an image, but most of all she is learning to use her imagination.

“The Faces I Make” is a great way to introduce making collages with everyday objects. It is also fun for big kids like Grandmom. Every time you move  or change the objects the funny face gets funnier 

The app comes with tutorials and demos on how to arrange the shapes. To learn more about  Hanoch Piven and his award winning app “Faces I Make”