Creating Cards with your Art

Sorry for being gone so long. I just got busy with life and focused on grandkids & other important things. But now I am back.

Friends and family love hand made cards for special holidays. Making cards from your art can be so easy especially with an app called typedrawing. No need for a layout program or computer. Just take a photo of your art or jpg from your digital paintings and import it into typedrawing. You can decide what you want to say and enter the type, choose fonts, size color spacing etc. and all you need to do is touch the screen and move your sylus or finger to place the text and icons. After you design your cart save it to your photo album. My printer prints remotely from my ipad and will default to print on 4 x 6 photo paper which is perfect for most greeting card stock.


Texture and Color are Important Elements of Design

Changing Texture and color can change the feeling of a painting or drawing. This drawing is done in a free app called sketchbook express which allows you to create mirror images and allows you to use a paint bucket to fill in shapes. The textures are added in a photo editing app called Snappseed. The easiest way to learn what an app can do is to play with it and experiment to see what happens. Saving your images to your photos allows you to import them between apps.

IMG_1909 IMG_1944

Art Resources are Everywhere

IMG_5276Art is all around us. Everywhere we look there is something unique and fascinating. I was so intrigued by the variations in this tree trunk. It looked like it was woven by an ancient tribe. The combination of textures layered on top of each other growing out of the ground, The contrast of the strong and the delicate, pushing the tree toward the sky. I am not sure how I am going to paint this but it is on my to paint list. Of course there are a lot of other images on my to paint list too. So easy to use your phone when you see something that speaks to you. Just click and you have a photo. It goes into your photo stream and comes up on your ipad. You don’t even need to get your photos developed.