Glazing Makes Colors Glow


Glazing in watercolor is a method that makes your colors glow. It is achieved by working series of colored washes. The paper is dried, rewet with water, painted with washes and re-dried, and you continue to build up layers of colors without getting muddy. Because watercolor is transparent the dry colors will show through but will not blend with the new washes. Wet Paint only mixes with wet paint, if your paper is not dry it may dull the colors that are still wet.

Layers in Auryn ink

When you begin working in Auryn Ink you quickly realize that the layers operate differently than any other app and that there is only one undo. You love the beautiful effects that the wet and dry layers give you with transparency and blending that you can’t get in any other apps. So how do you deal with only one undo?
IMG_1629The way I deal with only one undo is to use the fixed layer as a save layer. In this exercise I was playing with the eraser and layers, so I could understand how the three layers could be used to my benefit. This painting was done in the first version of Auryn Ink before there was a gallery, but I still find the fixed layer useful when I want to explore & try different outcomes or versions of a painting.

Background:  I painted the whole paper black and fixed it. Next I used the eraser tool to remove the parts where you see the gray and red in the background. Well the eraser doesn’t care if anything is fixed it goes through all of the layers, which in this case was what I wanted. I continued to work on the wet and dry layers and painted in the gray areas. I fixed the gray and then started painting the red. At this point I could try different colors on the bottom of the background, the paint automatically stays on the wet and dry layers. If I don’t like it I just delete the wet and dry and I still have the part of the painting I fixed. After you finish the background, fix the painting. At this point there is nothing on the wet and dry layers.

The Little Guys: The white circles and legs are made with an eraser which goes through the fixed layer. The red circles are automatically painted on the wet layer and dry to the dry layer, fix your painting anytime you want keep something. At any point in a painting you can revert to the fixed layer by deleting the wet and dry layers.

My First Auryn Ink Painting


After messing around for a while I decided it was time to get more serious and see how far the blending of color could go in Auryn Ink. I loved the beautiful effects of the colors blending but I didn’t feel I had the same control that I had in traditional painting. Although there was only one undo, I soon realized that I had 2 safety nets – an eraser and a fixed layer.  Continue reading

Put Your Heart in Your Art


These 3 paintings show how something started in Auryn Ink evolved into my favorite iPad painting. The Auryn App helped me achieve effects & areas I loved but there was no personal connection in the painting. I had nothing to risk by seeing what would happen if I changed the color & saturation.  Continue reading

Sometimes a Picture Paints Itself



Sometimes a picture paints itself. Last weekend we were in the CA central coast,  celebrating a friends 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was at Avila Beach which is such a beautiful area near the Central Coast Wineries. We visited the Kelsey Canyon Winery because I wanted to see the peacocks, which are so beautiful. At the winery there is a small vineyard with beautiful grapes where you can get up close and really enjoy how beautiful they are. I wanted to see how Auryn Ink could help me capture the beauty of the grapes.


H2O color Monday

Watercolor Mondays are a great way to begin the week. Its hard to believe that Auryn ink and the iPad can help you create such vibrant colors. It is translucent and maintainsIMG_1822 this quality when it is printed on photo paper. The transparency is created by drying and glazing just like real watercolors.

Painting on my ipad is like having a colorful etch-a-sketch. I can explore and play with the brushes and colors, I can delete and start over or maybe something real exciting happens and then I can save it, edit it, share it, print it, or even put it on cards, mugs, pillows and shirts right from my iPad.

Imagine Erasers for Watercolor

IMG_0026The greatest thing for a watercolor artist to have is an eraser that can restore your white paper. This flower was painted in Auryn ink by dropping in colors wet in wet.  After the colors begin to merge and suggest a shape,  you can use the eraser to closely define the edges of the shape. The center of the flower was also created using the eraser to remove dots of color by just pressing your fingertip on the ipad when the eraser is selected. the size of the brush determines the size of the circle. Make sure you turn off your eraser and dry your work before you start painting over the white area.