Playing with Pixelmater




I didn’t realize that there was an app for pixelmater on my iPad. I have used it on my MAC, but love having it on my iPad even more. Fun on a Fuzzy Friday. Just take any painting or photo and play with the effects and distorts. Its like having the ultimate “etch-n-sketch”. Maybe you are not old enough to remember those. Its an ever evolving image.

Texture and Color are Important Elements of Design

Changing Texture and color can change the feeling of a painting or drawing. This drawing is done in a free app called sketchbook express which allows you to create mirror images and allows you to use a paint bucket to fill in shapes. The textures are added in a photo editing app called Snappseed. The easiest way to learn what an app can do is to play with it and experiment to see what happens. Saving your images to your photos allows you to import them between apps.

IMG_1909 IMG_1944