Glazing Makes Colors Glow


Glazing in watercolor is a method that makes your colors glow. It is achieved by working series of colored washes. The paper is dried, rewet with water, painted with washes and re-dried, and you continue to build up layers of colors without getting muddy. Because watercolor is transparent the dry colors will show through but will not blend with the new washes. Wet Paint only mixes with wet paint, if your paper is not dry it may dull the colors that are still wet.

My First Auryn Ink Painting


After messing around for a while I decided it was time to get more serious and see how far the blending of color could go in Auryn Ink. I loved the beautiful effects of the colors blending but I didn’t feel I had the same control that I had in traditional painting. Although there was only one undo, I soon realized that I had 2 safety nets – an eraser and a fixed layer.  Continue reading

Sometimes a Picture Paints Itself



Sometimes a picture paints itself. Last weekend we were in the CA central coast,  celebrating a friends 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was at Avila Beach which is such a beautiful area near the Central Coast Wineries. We visited the Kelsey Canyon Winery because I wanted to see the peacocks, which are so beautiful. At the winery there is a small vineyard with beautiful grapes where you can get up close and really enjoy how beautiful they are. I wanted to see how Auryn Ink could help me capture the beauty of the grapes.